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Connecting, Correcting, and Perfecting

April 1, 2020


“Jesus’ disciples went to the sea of Galilee and entered a ship…

And it was now dark, and Jesus had not come to them at that moment." 

                                  John 6:16-17


Very strong and dangerous winds are blowing across the entire world right now, and many of us find ourselves praying to God asking Him to stop this huge storm that we find ourselves in.


In my many journeys to Israel, one of the most enjoyable times for me has been my visits to the Sea of Galilee (as seen above). I find myself deeply moved by the beauty found in its water and hillsides. I believe the Sea of Galilee is one of the most mysterious and yet majestic bodies of water on earth.


So go with me for a moment to the Sea of Galilee and imagine as Christ’s disciples felt the strong winds blowing, the clouds darkening the moonlight, and the waves slapping their faces. By now they’re about 4 miles from shore, and Jesus is somewhere back on land. By now, it’s too far from shore to swim, and the waves are too rough to swim, so they start saying to each other, “Jesus has forsaken us!”


As Jesus sees them straining to control their wind-beaten boat, then they see a figure on the water. But this doesn’t bring them comfort. In fact, the Bible informs us that their fear turned to pure terror! Was this shadowy figure a phantom or a ghost? Then they saw Jesus, walking on the water and He says to them, “It is Me, don’t be afraid!” (John 6:19-20)


Those 6 words are for us today! Those are 6 words that we all need to hear from Jesus during our world-wide pandemic concerning this fast spreading deadly virus. Never forget that Jesus is our sovereign High Priest and He’s with each of us and He’s praying for us individually. He sees effortlessly through the darkness that seems to be surrounding us right now, and this means that we can breakout singing, “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.”


The hurricane called “Coronavirus” is growing in strength every day as it has now infected worldwide nearly 1 million people and killed over 41,000 people in just a few months. And now medical experts are saying that the U.S. death toll could reach 200,000.


This storm that the world is facing right now has three facets to it and they are designed to work not only around us, but for sure within us!


There is the connecting facet to this storm. The world has slowly drifted away from God and He’s working through this storm to draw every nation back to His grace and mercy. I recently heard the great Los Angeles Dodger announcer, Vince Scully interviewed on Fox News and he rightly said about our country, “Over the past 30 years America has stopped going to church and that means Americans have fallen away from the God who loves them and He’s the only guiding light for this country.”


We’ve become so connected to technology, fame, money, jobs, entertainment, philosophy, and so much more, which means we have simultaneously disconnected ourselves from God. And we wonder why fear, anxiety and worry are the driving gale force winds pushing this storm through our minds?


There is also the correcting facet to this storm. Jonah, who spent 3 nights in Hotel Shamu found himself in a correcting storm. God had a divine destiny for the prodigal prophet and the storm he found himself in was God’s way of getting His will done in Jonah’s life. I believe that God is using this storm to reveal greater plans for many of His people as He gets ready for a great revival that could soon sweep through our country!


And lastly, there is the perfecting facet to this storm. God is holy and He demands it of His people! This is a serious season to get back to the repentance of our sins! For too long Christians have been contaminated and stained by the same sins as the world. The sins of pornography, self-centeredness, anger, hatred, unforgiveness has stained the Christian’s life for too long. God wants His church to glow in the darkness and grow in its destiny! Let’s remember that sin hinders our glow and sin hampers our growth in Christ.


God is the Master of the winds and waves. That’s great news! He’s the only one who can make storms come and He’s the only one who can calm them in a moment’s notice. This worldwide pandemic will pass but our lives must be changed by the One who is greater in us than he who is in the world, and they must be navigated by His inspired and infallible word. King David said, “See the works of the Lord in the wind and His wonders in the deep waters. For He commands the stormy waves of the sea. And when His people cry out to Him in their trouble, He will bring them out of their distresses. He will calm the storm, so that its waves are still…He guides them to their desired haven.” (Psalm 107:24-30)


Blessings to you,


Pastor Dave

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