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The Church has left the building!

March 25, 2020


"With perfect peace, You will protect those whose minds can be changed, because they trust in You."

   Isaiah 26:3


Who would have thought a few weeks ago that we’d be panicking over toilet paper and hunkering down in self-isolation or self-quarantine?


The greatest thing that has happened to the church world-wide because of the “king of viruses” is the fact that it’s gone from hibernation in church buildings intimidated by the world’s media, courts and politicians to now standing and moving in the dominion of God as a mighty army of servants. Like Gideon, during his fearful crisis who finally broke out of the enemy’s intimidation, now we are watching God’s church break out of hiding. It's exciting to see that the church has left the building, so watch out devil!


I believe that for too long, too many believers in Jesus Christ have lived their Christianity like Gideon as we find in Judges 6, the would-be warrior hiding in the winepress when he should have been standing up to his own corona virus – the feared Midianite invaders.


This world-wide trial has released an army of Christians (to the delight of God) into a hurting and fearful world with the greatest hope for the human heart – salvation found in the name of Christ. This has been a time when the idols of religion have brought no relief from the overwhelming fear in the minds of millions or comfort for the fear of death that grips the thoughts of so many.


It's been exciting to hear the salvations from the far corners of the world because God works all things together for His good. Churches have been reaching into their communities with real help through a thousand acts of kindness and a million words of prayer for troubled souls. This includes many of you at FBCAC who have used this period in history to bring relief and comfort by speaking truth, helping calm fears and focus family and friends on Christ!


This is exactly how the kingdom of God radically expands! Charles Stanley wrote, “God's plan for enlarging His kingdom is so simple - one person telling another about the Savior. Remember, someone's eternal destiny is at stake. The joy you’ll have when you meet that person in heaven will far exceed any discomfort you felt in sharing the gospel.”


Let’s remember that every single person born into this world has been infected with the deadly virus called SIN! All believers have a mission and a mandate that is part of our anointed heritage. Our mission is to go into all the world and our mandate is to share the gospel of Christ to everyone because sin’s deadly virus is far worse than the corona virus. The King of glory came to this cursed world with His divine blood to remove the ultimate deadly virus from our lives as we put faith in the person of Christ and His virus defeating cross!


Blessings to you,


Pastor Dave

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