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Corona is NOT King!

March 19, 2020


“Has anything like this happened in your days, or in the days of your fathers?"                                    

Joel 1:2


The prophet Joel draws his nation’s attention to the urgency of the hour through that one serious question. In his day, Israel was about to be destroyed by powerful locus that plagued the land as they destroyed the livelihood of his people. It was a serious time as Joel was trying desperately to point the sinful, fearful nation to trust God again and repent of their sins that brought on the consuming locust.


It was if he was saying to his nation don’t connect your hearts to the fear of the day. So, I ask all of us, have we connected our hearts to the crisis of our day or are they connected to Christ?


America and the world have never experienced a crisis like the corona virus as it spreads like a wildfire cross the borders of the nations. Wouldn’t you agree that the words of Joel are fitting for us right now?


It’s interesting that this terrible virus is called the corona virus. Because corona in Latin means crown. The name refers to the appearance of the virus under a microscope – it looks as if it has a crown around it (as seen above)! It’s known by scientists as “the king of viruses” because of the deadly terror contained in its tiny microscopic cell structure.


I remind all of us that corona is not king, but Christ is King!


In Joel’s day he rallied his people to get back to God and get them back to worship as in the former days. He warned everyone to draw close to God, as they repented of their sins. This is also true for the days that we are facing! God wants America’s attention again and He will use tough times to accomplish His will. Our nation is drifting away from God and we are heading into rough waters if change doesn’t come soon!


As I think about all the crisis that our nation has experienced over the years, whether it was battling world empires, the war to end slavery, the struggle over civil rights, the terror attack of 911, or the massive financial crisis that caused fear in so many hearts, as a nation, we have always flocked to churches around the country. If I’m correct, this is America’s first major crisis where we cannot go to church for prayer and worship to calm our minds and find peace and comfort. Churches are having to be very creative to stay relevant during this deadly crisis. I am concerned that the church in America is struggling in this area, and is this exactly how Satan likes it?


But at the same time, it’s interesting to see that two of the greatest gods in America are literally shut down right now — sports and entertainment. This is more reason why churches must find as many ways to be the guiding light that overtakes the shadows of fear, chaos and confusion.


So, I wonder if maybe, just maybe, is America ripe for a true spiritual awakening?


Pastor Dave

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