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An old-fashioned what?

November 22, 2017


The American culture may have become more enlightened and moved beyond such restricting, old-fashioned ideas like sin, hell, and personal responsibility, but God hasn’t! Sin is still serious, hell still exists, and sinners still go there! Or as Paul put it, “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived…” (1 Corinthians 6.9)


Charles Spurgeon wrote in 1867 these words, 

“Some people are wonderfully enamored of anything that is old. An old coin, an old picture, an old book, or even a piece of antique rubbish is as precious a diamond! It is wonderful what a little mold and a few worm-holes will do in the way of increasing values! All things being equal, antiquity has its charms." 


“Old, old stories of the days far past, when time was young, have a special interest. They are as windows which permit us to gaze down the dim aisles of ages long gone by – we look through them with mingled curiosity and awe.”


“But when it comes to the old-fashion sinner, the old and the sinner is not fashionable anymore.”


Pastor Jeremy shared on Facebook a very insightful article by Benjamin Kerns about our world in 2017. He writes, “It might be time to get back to some good old-fashioned personal responsibility. When we embrace our fallen nature and the chasm that separates God and us, we can then begin to move towards reconciliation. Without personal responsibility, there is no reconciliation. And once we find the freedom in recognizing our sin, making reflection and confession a regular part of our spiritual diet, the Holy Spirit will have so much more access to move in our heart and lives and towards the things of God!”


This Thanksgiving season, I really don’t think we can fully experience thanksgiving as God wants us to if we ignore our sins and discount sin’s damage done to our lives. The most thankful person on the face this planet is the one who acknowledges, with the deepest appreciation, their salvation from God that is only made possible through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ!


“Oh that men would praise the Lord for His salvation and for

His wonderful works to the children of men, and let them

sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving.” 
Psalm 107:23, 24


So how about you? Will you experience thanksgiving to its fullest? Will you join me this Thanksgiving Day and shout out your love for Jesus Christ and share your dependence for His grace and mercy? 


I think Charles Spurgeon and Benjamin Kerns would agree with me when I say that America needs an old-fashioned, sin-killing, rafter-rattling, devil-defying, soul-saving, Bible-believing, life-transforming, Christ-exalting, Holy Ghost, revival! Oh I need to hear an “Amen!”


Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!


Pastor Dave

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