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Believe In Your Dreams!

September 14, 2017


Is the season for dreaming gone with the wind?


As I shared on Sunday, when your dream becomes your destiny that’s when you’ll see God do things beyond anything you could ask think or imagine. Doesn’t that stir a sense of optimism in your relationship with God and build value in who you are in Christ? 


One of the great benefits I’ve found in my life of serving God is that God uses today’s dreams to give me the courage to face tomorrow’s fears. And today’s dreams send a surge of strength to my soul to patiently wait to see tomorrow’s breakthroughs. 


Consider how dreams have changed history. Columbus had a dream that he could set sail for a new world and the power of that dream changed the world. It was a dream that forged the foundation of freedom in this nation. Every great invention started with a dream before it was ever a reality. Edison dreamed of the light bulb before he ever dispelled the darkness of the night. Wilbur Wright dreamed of flying before he attempted to build the Kitty Hawk. Alexander Graham Bell dreamed of changing communication with the invention of the telephone. What impact will your dream have on this world?


Something that I didn’t mention on Sunday was the fact that every God-size dream is dependent on a God-size mindset. This is how we free our thinking to go beyond the average and the normal mindset.


With every God-size dream is a God-size capability to serve others with a heart of love and kindness that makes a massive impact on unbeliever’s doubts and rejections.


With every God-size dream is a God-size excellence of character and integrity that proves to a watching world that a life can be changed by the power of the cross.  

And lastly, with every God-size dream is a God-size endurance that refuses to turn on the leadership of the Holy Spirit’s moving. Remember what I said on Sunday, that God gives us dreams to spark internal motivation, to inspire us to overcome opposition, to rise above rejection, and push passed persecution. In my life I have always tried to let dreams motivate me to defy the odds against me. 


If you will dare to believe in your dreams, that’s when God makes those dreams the hallmarks of your faith.” - Dr. Martin Luther King


So I dare you to DREAM again!

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