Cindy Winn

Hi, My name is Cindy Winn 


I made the best decision ever at the age of 27 to allow the Lord Jesus Christ to step into my life!  I was tired of living the way I thought I should live, fulfilling my own selfish desires of what I thought was pleasing for me day after day, only to continue to feel empty and worthless.

I knew strongly in my mind, heart and emotions that God was calling me to live for him, but still fought him in not willing to give up what I thought was best for me!

It all hit me one day, as I was sitting in my lonely historic apartment building, staring out of my huge living room window.  I was studying for finals when I noticed the seven story university parking lot was empty, and it was always full.  But, in being a Sunday morning it occurred to me with using this analogy that my life was as empty as that parking lot.  Only being used for one purpose, to park and wait until one moves to another destination.


Well, I knew that God's plan was greater for me, and I needed to move on and leave my past behind through forgiveness and a new faith that inspired me to seek His will and His direction.

My life since then has been one blessing after another, married to a great man of God, who encourages me and listens to what's on my heart for that day.

We have two beautiful blessings of raising daughters who were home schooled and have graduated and now pursuing what God has in store for them.


I graduated college with a BA in Social Science with an emphasis on Behavioral Studies from San Jose State University.  I love gardening, photography, geocaching, decorating, teaching and inspiring women to live whole-heartedly for Jesus!

But, out of everything that the Lord has brought into my life, my greatest experience was when I said, "Yes" to live my life being ridiculously obedient to Christ!


As Joseph B. Wirthlin wrote:

"When we love the Lord, obedience ceases to be a burden.  Obedience becomes a delight".


My desire is for all of us girls to be:  ~Jesus-Hearted Women~


Live a life poured out in Christ,

Cindy Winn

© 2016 First Baptist Church, Angels Camp